3 Paths To Getting Your Pilot License In Edmonton

– CLA Marketing Team

It’s no secret there are various paths to becoming a pilot. Most paths are governed by micro and macro variables including, but not limited to, time available, location, money, family, age and so on. There’s also those who wish to become a pilot solely based on flying as a hobby. There’s also those individuals who hold the dream of flying for a living and career. This post dives into 3 different paths to becoming a pilot, specifically in the Edmonton, Alberta area.

It’s no secret that the pilot shortage is real and already affecting the industry today. There is an unprecedented demand for pilot’s in todays market and for the foreseeable future. There’s no question that there hasn’t been a better time to become a pilot. The Canadian Council for Aviation and Aerospace said that by 2036, Canada might be 6,000 pilots short, unable to meet growing demands in the industry. Further, over the last 10 years, air passenger travel in Canada has grown by 3.6 per cent on average, according to Transport Canada. With growing demand and a shortage of pilots, jobs are predicted to be readily available.

The first option is Solomon College’s Aviation Management & Pilot Training Diploma. Solomon College, it’s campus located in downtown Edmonton, Alberta, is a post secondary institution specializing in adult education. Their Aviation Management & Pilot Training Diploma is a 2 year program in which graduates of the program will receive a Commercial Pilot License and Aviation Diploma. All classroom studies are completed at Solomon College’s downtown campus and all in aircraft training is completed at Cooking Lake Aviation, located out at Cooking Lake Airport. The program is highlighted by training on modern, glass cockpit aircraft, utilization of Crew Resource Management (CRM) & Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the use of Safety Management Systems (SMS). The design & goal of the program is to ready new pilots for an easy transition to jobs with commercial operators that employ the use of CRM, SOPs & SMS.

Flight School Alberta

In terms of classroom studies, studies cover everything from Human Factors, Air Law & Meteorology, to Accounting & Finance, Pilot Decision Making, Physics & Wilderness Survival. All courses offering valuable knowledge designed to progress the student’s career. Program intakes occur twice per year, September & January and applications can be found on Solomon College’s website. Further, student loans are available to assist in student funding for the program. Student loans in a viable option offering low interest loans for those students who need assistance. For those interested in the program can visit the program webpage or contact the college directly.

The second option is MacEwan’s Business Management Diploma with an Aviation Major. MacEwan University, a Post Secondary Institution located in downtown Edmonton, Alberta offers degrees, diplomas, certificates and continuing education opportunities. The Aviation major is a part MacEwan’s Business Management Diploma, where 5 business courses are replaced with aviation credentials from a Transport Canada approved flight school. Ultimately, you to complete your class/schooling requirements at the University and complete your aviation credentials or flight training at a local flight school in the Edmonton area. Credits are given to each license or rating you receive as outlined below:

  • Private Pilot’s license – 3 credits, and
  • Instrument Rating – 3 credits, and
  • Commercial Pilot’s Licence – 6 credits, and
  • Multi-Engine Rating or Instructor Rating – 3 credits

Flight School Alberta

At Cooking Lake Aviation, we have had a number of students successfully complete this program. Most students arrange their semesters so that they are in classes either M/W/F, and out at the flight school working towards a license/rating Tues/Thurs, or the other way around. The program is flexible in how you schedule your classes which allows the student the flexibility in ensuring everything is completed in a timely manner.

One can expect classes covering topics related to Business Management. This includes, but is not limited to, Accounting, Finance, English, Stats, Economics, Management, Human Resources & Business Law. Successful graduates of this program will receive a Business Management Diploma along with a Commercial Pilot License (assuming all requirements for the Commercial Pilot License have been met).

The third, and last option, is to complete all your flight training solely at a flight school. It’s no secret that many of the larger airlines look for some type of schooling on applicants resumes. However with the current pilot shortage plaguing the industry the way it is, and expected to continue into the foreseeable future, there is no question that a flight school graduate will be successful in the industry. Cooking Lake Aviation will provide you with the resources and tools to be successful and graduate our program with a Commercial Pilot License.

Flight School Alberta

At Cooking Lake Aviation, we design our Flight Training programs to ensure our students finish up in an effective and efficient manner. We offer everything from the Private Pilot License, Multi Engine & Instrument Ratings, to a Commercial Pilot License. We also offer Instructor Ratings for those who are interested in training others how to fly. Instructing is a great way to build flight hours and “Pilot In Command” time needed in order to meet all the requirements for the Airline Transport Pilot License.

Cooking Lake employs a professional staff of instructors & maintenance engineers to ensure your training is held to the highest regard in terms of professionalism and safety. Located out at Cooking Lake Airport, approximately 15 minutes east of Edmonton, we utilize our uncontrolled airport and short flight time to the practice area to ensure we complete your training cost effectively. We also have an on site aircraft simulator which is used to simulate flight in Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) in order to build up Instrument time requirements. Our simulator is also interchangeable between both our single and multi engine aircraft within our fleet.

Edmonton Flight School

For those considering Cooking Lake Aviation, please get in touch with us via our contact page. We invite you to arrange a time with our dispatch team and stop by the flight school for a tour of our facilities and aircraft. It is also a great opportunity to meet some of our staff on hand. The first step for student pilots looking at pursuing their license is to enroll in our Private Pilot Ground School. Our PPL GS is offered in house and runs every Wednesday evening for 16 weeks. It is important to note that you can join our Ground School at any point throughout the semester!

If you have any questions about any of the information provided above, don’t hesitate to  contact us! We welcome the opportunity to chat with perspective students and help you get your feet off the ground!